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MoHWoV Pastor's Package--Box of 44

MoHWoV Pastor's Package--Box of 44 Image

With each passing day, more and more young people are walking away from the faith. So far, in America, two generations have been seduced by the world and its unhealthy 'rites of passage' ---premarital sex, alcohol consumption, and other hedonistic activities. If another generation is lost, it will have a dramatic impact on the moral climate of both the church and our nation. Parents can help preserve this generation by lovingly directing their children toward godly rites of passage and, ultimately, godly adulthood. Dr. Chuck Stecker has devoted his life and ministry to this cause, and this book is his personal exhortation to parents who want their children to be Men of Honor; Women of Virtue. (Paperback 254 pgs.)

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